Video Poker Rules

Video Poker Rules

The rules for Video Poker are fairly straightforward and your options and payouts for each poker hand vary depending on the machine / Internet casino site your . Regardless, the goals are always the same — make the best five card poker hand you possibly can.

The game follows the format of five card draw where you first start by placing your bet on the hand BEFORE you’re dealt cards. You’ll subsequently be dealt five cards. Next, you’ll decide how many cards in your hand you want to keep. Mark the cards that you wish to hold, leaving the other cards to be discarded. Lastly, simply draw more cards to replace the discards, if any.

You will be paid if you have a winning hand.

There are many variations of Video Poker including:

Jacks or Better – as the name implies, only hands with a pair of Jack or greater will pay out
Jokers Wild – typically, an only hand with two pairs or greater payout
Deuces Wild – due to the number of wild cards in the deck (four deuces), typically only three of a kind or greater pay out

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